The Three Principles of Outstanding Golf

The Cover of The Three Principles of Outstanding Golf
"It is rare these days that I come across a golf coaching book which holds my attention from start to finish. It is also rare to find a book about the mind written by someone who is genuinely at the 'coal face' of both playing and coaching as opposed to classroom theory. Sam Jarman has written such a book. It will do what a great book should by challenging your existing beliefs and making you think about the way you either play or coach the game. It is not more of the same 'positive thinking' and 'affirmation' nonsense but a genuine inquiry about how our mind actually interacts with our body to either make or break our performance. Do your game and your life a favour by reading this book."

Dr Karl Morris
This book explains how the three fundamental psychological principles which underpin our experience as human beings, affect how you play, how you learn and how you enjoy the game of golf.
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Good afternoon Sam I’m really disappointed I won’t be able to attend your seminar at Woburn but I would just like to say the three outstanding principles of golf I the best book on golf I have ever read .
Since reading it ( several times ) my outlook on golf has changed. My handicap came down from 11 to 8 within 4 weeks from of reading it. I have a bad rounds it’s more obvious that I have over thought, and I now understand this thought process and appreciate it will take some time to develop. Most of all I don’t let a bad round of golf ruin my weekend and I can honestly say that I enjoy my golf now good or not so good more than ever.
Many thanks

"Just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed reading the book. I thought some of your observations were very astute (not that that surprised me) and I think the ‘everyman’ angle and perspective could well be very valuable to many out there, who will relate to that better than the thoughts of the usual run of golf psychologists and ghost-written superstars."
"Very easy to read and written in an engaging style. If you are hoping for a folder nugget that will make you hit the ball 30 yards further then this might not be for you but if you are looking for something that will help you enjoy and release your potential then this is definitely for you."
"This is a very good book and very easy to read and understand.  It has already helped me play more freely and this makes me enjoy my golf so much more. I have started play golf for fun again. I really wish Sam had written this book years ago. 10 out of 10."
"Very impressive ideas and will help me on the course. Almost an epiphany, the ideas are practical and this should be the bible of any young golfer. It will not affect their golfing skill but it will help their mental development. I must confess that as an older generation trained behaviourist psychologist I had never come across these ideas, and they are essential to every sports person. The writing is competent, and sometimes mundane but the value of this book is in the understanding of the competitive mind, and how to apply the three principles. A must read for any golfer who competes. I believe it will add to the enjoyment of the game for everyone. Probably factors that add to many professional's success . It is not a swing tutorial but a complement to your physical skills."