Inside Out Performance Coaching Package.

Transform your Inner Game. Play Better, enjoy your golf more.

Many frustrated golfers wind up believing a swing rebuild is the answer to their golfing woes.  But once you talk to them, it becomes clear that if they hit the ball as well as they were capable of, most of the time, they'd actually be pretty happy with their golf.

The Inner Game Coaching package is the foundation of you becoming the golfer you want to be.  It will help you play your best golf more often and more consistently, and help you learn new skills faster and more thoroughly then ever before.

The understanding that you will learn about here will transform your experience of the game of golf, and probably other areas of your life as well.

It will make your golf much less frustrating, and help you enjoy the game more than ever.

It will make it easy for you to perform 'under pressure' and deal with anything the game throws at you.

It will make it easier for you to learn new movement patterns if you are trying to improve your golf swing.

It will make you feel less anxious and nervous on the golf course.

It will stop the 'yips', and prevent them from coming back.

It will help you keep your mind quiet and feel freer and more relaxed when you are playing.

It will help you recover from bad shots, bad bounces and bad rounds more quickly.

So how does it work?  Well, like many things in life, it begins with a conversation, a conversation about you and your golf. Your dreams and aspirations, where you want your golf to be in 12 months time.  Your worries doubts and anxieties on the course, what situations make you uncomfortable. 

After this initial chat, if you want to take it further, we will probably arrange a game of golf somewhere, when we can start to look at the simple misunderstanding that has been getting between you and your best golf, and help you understand how your mind will work naturally to help you, rather than hinder you, if you let it.

Following this, we will arrange 12 one hour sessions to deepen your understanding, explore different situations that might be worrying you, and learn more about how your thinking affects your feelings, and how your feelings affect your performance.  We will talk about where doubtful and anxious feelings come from, how they affect your golf, and crucially what to do when you begin to feel nervous.

We will talk about goal setting, what you do between shots, what happens when it's your turn to play, how to handle a bad round, how to handle the best round of your life, everything and anything that you feel is or might affect your performance and just as important, your enjoyment of the game.

You will also receive regular telephone and email support between sessions.

The initial conversation is free of charge.  If at the end of our chat you would like to take things further, the full coaching package is available for £1499.  You can combine it with one of my other coaching packages if you want to work on your technical skills at the same time.

Please fill in the Contact form on the right hand side of the page if you'd like more information, or would like to book a convenient time for a conversation.

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