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How Good Can You Be?  Now's the Time To Find Out

OK, so you’ve made it to single figures, maybe lower? So you’re looking for the key to get you to the next level. If I can give you a small piece of advice? There probably isn’t one key. It’s more likely to come in incremental improvements to a number of different areas, rather than one big improvement in a single part of your game.

As you get better technically, as your swing improves and your other skills get more refined, it becomes more about whether you can bring those skills to the golf course when you most want to. This is the main challenge as you get better and better. Can you retain the freedom and enjoyment you felt for the game when you began playing and were improving quickly? Or does the game become another form of work, where results and achievement seems more important than fun and learning?

In this 12 month program, the main area of attention will be how well you understand your thoughts and feelings around your golf.  You can play the game, your golf swing works. But can you stay calm and clear at important moments, or does tension and anxiety prevent you performing your skills when you need them most? 

Primarily based on the golf course, it looks at all areas of your game, technical, physical and mental, to allow you to play your best golf when you most want to.

There is no 'one size fits all' solution for a golfer who has got to this level, so the best way to start is with a conversation about you and your golf; where you feel your strengths and weaknesses are, what has worked or not worked for you to get you to this point, and where you'd like to be in 12 or 24 months time.

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