Coaching for PGA Golf Professionals and Coaches

It has probably never appeared more challenging to make a successful career as a PGA professional or golf coach. Competition in retailing golf equipment is extremely tough. Attracting and retaining quality staff is challenging. Many proprietors, club committees and memberships seem more demanding and less generous in their dealings with their staff.

Golf coaching is a fast moving, ever changing environment. The volume of information available to golfers and the number of golf coaches out there, combined with falling numbers of golfers, makes building long term teaching relationships more difficult.

In order to be successful, the club pro has to keep a number of plates spinning, often resulting in long working hours for meagre reward. Maintaining a healthy work life balance can seem difficult, with family and relationships often the areas which get sacrificed.

However, when you get it right, this career can be both enjoyable and profitable despite the way circumstances can appear. As you may be aware, I spent the last five years learning about and working with a new understanding of how the human mind functions. It has had a profound effect on my golf, on my coaching business and on my life away from the game. This new understanding led me to completely change the way I see things both on and off the golf course.

In 2015 I sold over £30,000 worth of annual coaching packages, paid for in advance or on monthly standing order, working from a rented studio with no membership to rely on. I have actually reduced my teaching hours, but increased my income, and I spend little time and money on advertising or marketing.

I had my best year playing wise, with 8 top 4 finishes in BB&O Pro Ams, including a win and a course record. I enjoyed my golf more than at any time since I was a young boy learning the game. I wrote my first book which has been well received, selling over 500 copies in the first year of publication.

The changes I made were simple and achievable by anyone, regardless of situation or circumstances. It all started with a realisation that my mind, and the world in general, didn’t work in the way I had understood it for the past 30 years. Once I saw through this misunderstanding, solutions to problems which had seemed intractable seemed to come easily and without struggle. I was more relaxed on the golf course. I seemed to have more time for myself and for other people. My business and personal relationships flourished without me feeling I was ‘working’ at them.

The next step seemed very logical. Many of my friends are professional golfers, some of whom were struggling. I started sharing what I’d learned with them in the hope it would have the same positive impact. The results have been more than encouraging. As a result I’m now making a training program available to all PGA professionals and golf coaches to help them experience the benefits I and several of my friends and colleagues have done.

The understanding that you will explore on this programme is universal. It will help you manage your time more efficiently, improve your business relationships, help you connect more authentically with your lesson students, customers and other members of staff. It will help your playing performance and enjoyment of the game. It will help you see through the stress and pressure that often make the life of a PGA pro feel like hard work, rather than the enjoyable vocation we all hoped for when we started dreaming about making a living from the game we love.

If you’d like to learn more about this unique training program, please drop me a note using the form below.

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